About Us

Dil se Desi

In India, art and inspiration is peppered across the small lanes and backyards of small towns to the bustling main roads of metropolitan cities. Despite her vastness and cultural diversity, popular visual elements have transcended all physical and intangible boundaries. ektho is a tribute to these inherent ‘Desi’ images, the kinds you find at busy tea tapirs and corner shops, wall graffiti and regional posters, a slice of India in bright, pop hues are manifested in our clothes. Conceptualized to give women clothing that allows them to be their bold, brazen, unapologetic and desi selves, ektho is a seamless amalgamation of art, history and design. Since our inception we have embarked on a journey not just to build a truly Made in India brand but a brand that reimagines and channelizes the ‘desiness’ of our customers.

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